Mission Statement

The mission of the Adolfo Science Education Foundation is both promote and provide funding for science and technology education at urban high schools.  It is expected, since science and technology are ever changing fields of endeavor, that the types of programs provided by the foundation will be ever evolving and changing as well.  Currently, the foundation is focusing on four major programs:

1.  Providing equipment and consumable items for science and technology classes,

2.  Sponsoring special events such as “National Mole Day,”

3.  Providing resources (buses, admission, food, etc.) for field trips to places of interest in the field of chemistry,  
    biology, and technology,

4.  Developingn business partners to provide students with job shadowing and internship opportunities.

5.  The development of a science camp near the Painted Gorge in Imperial County California.

Management Philosophy

1.  The foundation will both advocate and serve, or in other words, run programs and advocate for progress in science education.

2.  Rather than depend on pure altruism, the foundation will look for ways to collaborate with businesses, since science and technology education is critical in providing business with a highly skilled workforce that are prepared for the 21st Century and in the development of new technologies.

3.  The foundation will provide experiential opportunities where volunteers can work with  those they are helping.  These alumni become staunch supporters and evangelists who continue to create change.

4.  The foundation will network with other non-profits with similar goals.  Rather than view these organizations as competitors, the foundation will seek collaborators that me be able to share resources, money, and expertise in a common effort.

5.  The foundation will continue to adapt to changes in both science and science education in order that the foundation continue to be relevant in a changing world.

6.  The foundation will share leadership. Authority will be delegated in the name of achieving results. This will promote strong leadership and engaged boards

The Adolfo
Science Education Foundation