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Fourth Annual Mole Day for Celebration for Visual and Performing Arts High School was held October 23rd

What is Mole Day?
Mole Day is a celebration of Avogadro’s number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry.

The celebration was
held at Visual and
Perfoming Arts High
in South Gate, CA. 
The science students
were invited to
participate in a
luncheon provided
by the Adolfo Science Education Foundation.  The lunch menu, consists of MOLE enchiladas, beans, rice, chips guacaMOLE and salsa.
The students entered their names in a raffle to win prizes.

There the MOLE
                                     himself was
available to
hand out prizes.
Last year’s prizes
were donated by the Merchandise department of the Team LA Store and the Adolfo Science Education Foundation. 

All four MOLE day
celebrations have been
exciting to the students.
It is a chance for the
students to interact,
as well as relax and enjoy
a delicious lunch, some fun entertainment with the MOLE handing out terrific prizes.

Support to Science and Technology Education

So far in 2016 calendar year the Adolfo Science Education Foundation has contributed to the science and technology education of over 250 students.  Please consider supporting us in this effort by sending your check or money order to the address to the left.
The Adolfo Foundation Plans to Develop and Alternative Energy Science Camp on Property near the Painted Gorge in Imperial County

The 10 acre site will become an alternative energy and science camp.

With the hope that it will one day
become the home to a science
camp for teenagers, the Foundation
has accepted the donation of a 10
acre site near the Painted Gorge in
western Imperal County near the
of Ocotillo, CA. 

The Painted Gorge is a narrow
canyon located in the Coyote
Mountains.  The walls of the canyon are colored by the weathering of rocks containing copper, sulfur and iron deposits. The upper gorge contains ancient marine coral reefs with fossilized marine life.  Students who attend the camp will study the unique geology of
the area and of all of California.  Plans will also be maded for programs in Astronomy, Chemisty, and Biology and recreational facilities.
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Click on picture for full image.  Click here for an interactive map.

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